Advertising your business is key.

Things to keep in mind

Advertising your product or business will direct a message to huge numbers of potential customers with one single communication!

 Simple things to remember is – firstly, when you are trying to advertise a new product, it needs to be aimed at specific customers from whom you need to make a profit; which leads nicely on to secondly, advertising needs to be cost effective and lean on your pocket.

 It is very easy to be drawn into advertisement campaigns which are over expensive and attract the wrong crowd and you end up with a communication barrier between you and your potential customer. Some things to keep in mind are:

 What are you trying to achieve with the add? Is it to promote a new product; create awareness of your service or movement; is your sales team going to use the design strategies to improve there client base and leads for the new generation?

This is where your advertising prowess can be a game changer for you. Successful advertising is crucial to the life and growth of your business because you have to convince people to choose you over your competitors.

People are attracted to objects they can relate to, or text that gives them that warm fuzzy feeling. If you can create a message in line with the company’s mission, people wont mind to give it a try, they will feel good and, then, wont mind doing business with you.

We can help!

ProxEcta is driven by millennial’s, we know know what type of designs draw attention, and what design attract the crowd. Creating art from text and images for well know companies, pushing their figures up and plant the seed. 

We have noticed what works and what doesn’t. Advertising design should tell a story just by looking at it. Straight forward and to the point. Cluttering an advert wont get you anywhere. The important message gets across visually communicating with your potentially new customers.

Think design. Think ProxEcta.

Quality is our priority

Graphic designs? Business logos? Do you need a website, or does your website need a face-lift? We can help! Using the latest marketing strategies to help you achieve your goals.

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